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MAKASSAR, Indonesia -- Rescuers in Indonesia were searching for 25 people who were missing after a cargo boat sank in the Makassar Strait in South Sulawesi province, officials said Sunday.

Now, Mosley will embark on a pediatrics residency at New York-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital.

Date: Tuesday, 11 February 2020

In Vanuatu, ending violence against women and girls was centre court at the Shefna/Port Vila Challenge Netball Tournament. The annual event, that brings together the top four teams from the Shefa Netball Association and Port Vila Netball Association, highlighted the 16 Days of Activism campaign. UN Women was proud to work together with partners supporting the event, including Merilyn Tahi from Vanuatu Women’s Centre. “Violence against women is gender inequality at its most extreme and through sport, we can equal the playing field between women and men, and girls and boys,” said UN Women Country Programme Coordinator Betty Zinner-Toa. UN Women is also supporting the Vanuatu Government and its partners to spread the message to end violence against women and girls, joining a coalition of Vanuatu’s NGOs and INGOs, the Australian High Commission and New Zealand Defence Force, to launch the 16 Days of Activism campagin to “Stanap strong akensem vaelens” (stand up against violence) on 25 November.


MullenLowe New York creatives brought this pro bono idea to UN Women, which was originally an activism project sparked by concern of reports of the increase of violence against women on lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic. Media agency partner Mediahub leapt into action, securing like-minded media partners to donate premium advertising space to reach an audience primed to be moved to activism to end gender violence.

“Many times, I would be left alone in the kitchen without lunch and they did not care… The lady always told me that without her, I would have no money.”

To ensure that, we have partnered to form the Global Innovation Coalition for Change with the private sector, integrating gender awareness at all levels of the innovation process. If you like, we are injecting a gender lens into the DNA of innovation.


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